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Hello my name is Jesse Wx5MED, I am Married to  Christina KE5ZSO. We have a Beautiful daughter, named Ana, and two  sons, William Charles, and Jesse Levi...

I am a HAM radio operator, and a weather enthusiast. I enjoy watching the storms either out in the field, or monitoring on (grlevel3) radar (There are several links on my weather centre section).


My Interest:  Growing up. I have moved around quite a bit, from the Plains of Oklahoma and North Texas, to the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, Nevada's High desert, to the back country of the Malheur Nation Forest. From the small towns like John Day, Oregon, Blaine, Washington to the Cities: San Antonio, Texas and Seattle Washington.

Deep down I still deeply miss the back country of Grant County. The People of John Day/Canyon City, my friends... friends for life. Such a Warm Congregation, full of Love.

Currently I'm Back on the Great Plains, But I miss the Oceans and the Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. The smell of the salt water.  The Tamaracks of the Eastern Oregon Forest. But that is a Long way from here.

I do like being back around the country, the Golden Wheat Fields, Alfalfa; The Occasional Thunder Storm. 

I Love Computers, and just about anything electronic related.

Most of all my Faith , and my Family. Putting Jehovah God First in my Life.

Providing for my Wife and Children. I love them so much.

I couldn't ask for a better parents, And I hope I can pass what I learn from them down to my family.

To all my Family, and Friends I send you my Love.

Jesse Tylee


 REDEAGLEJW has been my online screen name/handle since 1996. most people know of me through America Online. Lil' Red Eagle was my C.B. handle that my Grandfather; Jimmy William "RED EAGLE" Burt called me when I was a child. at the time Grandfather drove for a trucking outfit called BIG HEART based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

For more information check out my Interests & Links page.

"Now I have seen the Eagle soaring beautiful and free, I don't want no man to make less of me."  

JD Blackfoot - Crazy horse

Jesse Thompson
Jesse Thompson
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