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June 7th 2014


June 7th 2014 –


This year has gone fast. It is hard to believe we are now in June.

I’ve been busy fixing up my old Crown Victoria. We haven’t had much of a storm season yet, but we will see what this Monday will bring, At this point enjoying the cooler weather and wrapping up some work on the car.


About four years ago I purchased a wrecked Crown Victoria Police Interceptor with 105k miles for $550. It was not running and had been wrecked. But I got her going, and she has been going strong now for 35K miles. I need to swap out the intake since the stock one has a slight pinhole leak on the coolant side of the intake. We just swapped out shocks today, so she rides and sits up well now.

Well I hope we get some descent storms near by. I haven’t trusted to take the vic out far with the intake the way that it is, but maybe after this weekend I’ll have it finished,


Well that is all for now


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